Entoloma murrayi
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Entoloma murrayi
Entoloma murrayi
Entoloma murrayi
The quirky Entoloma murrayi has a yellow cap, yellow stem and yellow gills.
Its pointy cap gives rise to the common name yellow unicorn mushroom.
"Entoloma murraii" is often used for this mushroom but it is a misspelling.
Other names include
Inocephalus murraii, Nolanea murraii, Entoloma
cuspidatum, and Rhodopyllus murraii
Found in summer, damp conditions. Growing from leaf litter and soil,
often with moss. Pink spore print.
Yellow gills have uneven edges. Short gills (lamellulae) emanate from the outer
cap edge. Cube-shaped spores (6-10µ) appear square under the microscope.