Pluteus genus
Mushrooms in this genus grow from rotting wood, sometimes buried, and are
found spring, summer and fall. Gills are white, becoming pinkish from the pink
spores these mushrooms produce. Gill are free, not attached to the stem.
Some are very common, like
Pluteus cervinus; others are somewhat rare, like
Pluteus aurantiorugosus.
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DNA work:
"The current "working" species list for Pluteus of Indiana. 34 total species. 17
of the 34 species are assigned temporary codes and need additional work to
get a good identification. 152 total collections with DNA sequences.

Species Name - Number of collections
Pluteus americanus 4
Pluteus aurantiorugosus 2
Pluteus cervinus 21
Pluteus chrysophlebius 7
Pluteus deceptivus 5
Pluteus eludens 1
Pluteus granularis 6
Pluteus granulatus 1
Pluteus heteromarginatus 1
Pluteus hongoi 29
Pluteus longistriatus 15
Pluteus nanus 1
Pluteus petasatus 26
Pluteus romellii 9
Pluteus septocystidiatus 6
Pluteus seticeps 3
Pluteus "glaucotinctus-IN01" 1
Pluteus "leoninus-IN01" 4
Pluteus "leoninus-IN02" 4
Pluteus "sp-IN02" 4
Pluteus "sp-IN03" 1
Pluteus "sp-IN04" 3
Pluteus "sp-IN05" 1
Pluteus "sp-IN06" 2
Pluteus "sp-IN07" 3
Pluteus "sp-IN08" 1
Pluteus "sp-IN09" 2
Pluteus "sp-IN10" 2
Pluteus "sp-IN11" 1
Pluteus "sp-IN12" 1
Pluteus "sp-IN13" 3
Pluteus "thompsonii-01" 1."
Steve Russell, Purdue. April 2020;
from "Indiana Mushrooms" Facebook group.