Auriscalpium vulgare
Michael Kuo of MushroomExpert.Com calls this little mushroom
"goofy", and it is. But it is also cute as a button and about the same
size. Although said to be common, you really have to look for it
specifically. Just check out every pine cone lying on the ground and,
sooner or later, you'll be rewarded with this goofy little toothed
mushroom. Took me ten years of pine cones.

This collection was found in August growing from a pine cone; also
found on the cones of Douglas fir. Cap and stem have a tough
consistency and are finely hairy. Teeth are white, brown with age.
Stem is laterally placed, not centered. Spore print white.
The roundish spores of
Auriscalpium vulgare
measure 3.5-6 µ.
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Auriscalpium vulgare
Auriscalpium vulgare