Geoglossum difforme
Geoglossum difforme paraphyses
Geoglossum difforme paraphyses
Geoglossum difforme spores
Geoglossum difforme spores
Geoglossum difforme
Geoglossum difforme
Geoglossum difforme asci
The mature spores of Geoglossum difforme are
mostly 15 septate and range from 75-125
microns in length.  
Asci (dark cells) of Geoglossum difforme are packed
with eight spores each and line the outer surface of the
fruiting body.  
Paraphyses (with coiled tips) can be seen
growing beside and above the asci.
The paraphyses of Geoglossum difforme are abundant,
septate and tightly coiled at the tip.  These cells give this earth
tongue its sticky surface when moist and velvety look when dry
and possibly provide protection to developing spores.
When dry, this earth tongue has a velvety look and feel.  
Spore print appears black; actual spore color is dark brown.
This troop of black earth tongues (over 100) were found
in July growing from the ground in a hardwood forest.  
Fruiting body sometimes moist and viscid.  Most of these
specimens are 2.5-5cm tall (1-2 inches).  
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