Xerula megalospora
pleurocystidium of Xerula megalospora
pleurocystidia of Xerula megalospora
Xerula megalospora spores
            Oudemansiella megalospora       
Formerly named Xerula megalospora and Hymenopellis
. Decomposes dead wood, such as decaying tree
roots.  This collection (largest cap 3.5cm wide) was found in June
growing among maple, oak, poplar and beech trees.  Spore print
white. The root-like stem is characteristic of the genus.
The spores of Oudemansiella megalospora are
lemon-shaped (citriniform) and are larger than
other Oudemansiella species, up to 23 microns
long.  Also, note rough and pitted surface.
The cheilocystidia of Oudemansiella
usually have a capitate apex.
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cheilocystidia of Xerula megalospora